Journal #11 – Campaign Ads

Obama Ad Campaign

This ad uses the logical fallacy of appeal to emotion by creating a sense of hope and a chance to make a difference. It uses the speech where Obama talks about how we, Americans, have to work together to make the United States a better nation.  This ad makes Barrack Obama look like the good guy by explaining all the things he has done over the past few years. He has done numerous community services, worked as state legislator, opposed the war in Iraq, worked for government as senator, and many other things. This ad also uses the fallacy of stacking the deck, which is trying to prove a point by focusing on only one side of the argument while ignoring the other. This ad only shows the good side of Obama or none of his mistakes or problem causing/iffy events.

This ad is about attacking Obama’s plan for taxing. It is saying that the taxes he plans to make will hurt many families that need the money for “life savings, electric bills, ” etc. This is an example of the fallacy of attacking the person. This campaign ad is supporting John McCain by making Obama look unfit for the presidency. This also uses the appeal to emotion because it makes the viewers feel uncomfortable by using music that is very tense and not smooth. The issues from Obama’s tax plan might make the viewers think Obama is untrustworthy and not helping to the American people.


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