Journal #14 – Visual Arguments (Part 2)

Marlboro and the Marlboro man


This advertisement of Marlboro displays the Marlboro man as a cowboy who seems very casual and normal. The ad says “Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Country.” It implies that whoever is reading this ad smokes and like smoking. The ad itself is saying that the Marlboro cigarettes have the “flavor” or the best cigarettes. It is trying to say that smoking Marlboro or the Marlboro 100’s will make your smoking more enjoyable


The point in the Marlboro parody is to emphasis the dangers of smoking and the problems it gives to smokers. The Marlboro man was seen as a figure who was very cool and people wanted to be like him. This ad changed the views on smoking because the Marlboro man got emphysema, an irreversible lung disease. I think this ad was effective because the viewers of this ad are most likely smokers and this could warn them of the dangers if they continue smoking.


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