Journal #9 McCain vs. Obama

Obama                  McCain 
I think I would have voted for Barrack Obama because to me, he seems like the better candidate. I think Barrack would make a good president because he seems very smart and poised when he speaks. I think his policies in comparison to John McCain’s are better.
McCain wants to continue the war while Obama wants to withdraw the U.S. forces as soon as possible. I believe that this war was unnecessary and that the U.S. should allow the middle east countries to reform their government themselves. This will help the U.S. economy because the money spent on the war would be used to help the economy get out of the recession. Less money borrowed from other nations means less debt and this would help make the U.S. dollar value rise.
McCain’s stance on the economy is the same as Bush and I do not like the way Bush has ran the government for the past few years. Although McCain plans to help all the Americans, he allows the big businesses to get more tax cuts than they need. Obama on the other hand wants to help the middle class, which is the majority of the nation.
I, personally, believe that McCain is unfit for the presidency because he is just too old to become president and is more of a war soldier/veteran.

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