Journal #16: The New SAT Score Policy

The New SAT Score Policy: Tiny Loophole, Big Shock?

1. What do you think about this option? Should students have the option of hiding some scores and/or low scores?
2. What do you think about universities insisting that all scores be submitted as part of the application process, rather than just the highest scores?
3. In what ways might the option to hide score raise the stakes and make admissions even more competitive/stressful for students?
4. Other thoughts/free response.

1. In my opinion, I think this option is better for the students in general because they have more opportunities to do well or better on their SAT tests. Students will not always reach a certain score that they want and this option allows them to retake the test. This is especially good for students who do not want to apply to Cornell, Stanford and University of Pennsylvania because colleges besides these will allow Score Choice.

2. I think that this will create more trouble for the students because the College Board made a policy where students can hide lower scores. These students will take the test multiple times to get the ideal score that they want, but this is bad for those that are thinkingĀ about applying to colleges that want all scores. Students will think that their lower scores will be hidden, but when they apply to colleges such as Cornell, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania and other schools, all their scores will have to be submitted. This will make students research more about the colleges they want to apply to because while some allow Score Choice, others want all the scores.

3. The option to hide scores makes admissions more competitive and stressful for students because the overall SAT scores will get higher because people can take it multiple times. As more students are getting higher scores, colleges will eventually expect higher scores from the students, causing the students to get higher scores. Another way that this will make admission more stressful is that the students will take the SAT’s more and this will cause the students to not only focus on school work, but SAT’s, which are not part of the school curriculum. This will either make the students suffer more in their school work, or study more.

4. I personally think that the new Score Policy was made because the College Board wanted to earn more money. Since students can hide their lower and more embarrassing scores, they will be willing to take the SATs multiple times, more than previous students. More tests taken means more money being paid to the College Board. I think that because of schools like Cornell, high school students will still try to finish their SAT tests with the least amount of takings.


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