Journal #18

“Up and Coming Schools” and “Narrowing Your Choices.”


When deciding a college to apply to, the most important thing is to know where you want to go to. It can’ t just be any college or university that you have heard about from other people. It should be somewhere you have researched about and know you want to go there genuinely. This doesn’t mean that you should apply to only your “dream” schools; by limiting yourself to only those will greatly hurt your chances to go to a college you want to go to and not regret. Because there are so many schools out there, choosing which one that is better suited for you is better than choosing from a list of the rankings of the school. In “Up and Coming Schools”, it explains about some colleges that are not on the top 50 list of U.S.’s best colleges and universities, but are excelling and the education in those schools are getting better. Although they may not be the top schools, they are still excellent schools and should be considered in application processes.


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