Journal #16: The New SAT Score Policy

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The New SAT Score Policy: Tiny Loophole, Big Shock?

1. What do you think about this option? Should students have the option of hiding some scores and/or low scores?
2. What do you think about universities insisting that all scores be submitted as part of the application process, rather than just the highest scores?
3. In what ways might the option to hide score raise the stakes and make admissions even more competitive/stressful for students?
4. Other thoughts/free response.

1. In my opinion, I think this option is better for the students in general because they have more opportunities to do well or better on their SAT tests. Students will not always reach a certain score that they want and this option allows them to retake the test. This is especially good for students who do not want to apply to Cornell, Stanford and University of Pennsylvania because colleges besides these will allow Score Choice.

2. I think that this will create more trouble for the students because the College Board made a policy where students can hide lower scores. These students will take the test multiple times to get the ideal score that they want, but this is bad for those that are thinking about applying to colleges that want all scores. Students will think that their lower scores will be hidden, but when they apply to colleges such as Cornell, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania and other schools, all their scores will have to be submitted. This will make students research more about the colleges they want to apply to because while some allow Score Choice, others want all the scores.

3. The option to hide scores makes admissions more competitive and stressful for students because the overall SAT scores will get higher because people can take it multiple times. As more students are getting higher scores, colleges will eventually expect higher scores from the students, causing the students to get higher scores. Another way that this will make admission more stressful is that the students will take the SAT’s more and this will cause the students to not only focus on school work, but SAT’s, which are not part of the school curriculum. This will either make the students suffer more in their school work, or study more.

4. I personally think that the new Score Policy was made because the College Board wanted to earn more money. Since students can hide their lower and more embarrassing scores, they will be willing to take the SATs multiple times, more than previous students. More tests taken means more money being paid to the College Board. I think that because of schools like Cornell, high school students will still try to finish their SAT tests with the least amount of takings.


Journal #12 – Claim-Evidence-Link

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Merchants of Cool

These days, teens are the target audience that businesses and advertising companies have chosen because they are the most attactive group to advertise to. Why? Because teens are impressionable, they want to look cool, and they want to fit-in a group.

Because these teens want to fit-in or be cool, or for any other reason, they are willing to pay for it. According to statistics, teens spent about $100 billion themselves and convinced their parents to spend an additional $50 billion. To look cool, teen girls are willing to buy only brand label clothes and things that are “cool.” Companies such as MTV show teens on ads with all the “cool” things and the teens want to be like them.


Teens face advertisement everyday, everywhere. Whatever they do, they are being advertised and this makes teens the best targets for advertisements. They are considerablely better advertisement targets than the older generation because teens are more willing to spend the extra dollar on unnecessary things just to look cool. A typical (not all) adult would save his/her money to use on other things that are more important than just looks.

Journal #15

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Hagwon in U.S. cash in on Korean undergrads

My first thought when I read this article was that the article was written from the perspective of Koreans who went to Korean schools and did not speak English as their first language. Since the article stated that the “The difficulties Korean students face can be mainly attributed to poor English skills,” the Korean students that they were applying to this article were those who were not fluent in Korean. The article also talks about the 1.5 (who moved to the U.S very young) and 2nd generation (who grew up in normal Korean environment). Because of this, I believe that this article does not apply to me or some of the students at SIS. Although I am Korean, I grew up in the U.S. and learned English as my first language and Korean second. I only came to Korea because of my dad’s job and would otherwise have stayed where I used to live.
I think the second half of the essay was kind of pointless because all it talked about was the “high” dropout rate of Koreans in the prestigious schools and the plagiarism in Korean students. What the author does not consider or compare his/her statistics to the dropout rate of the other less prestigious schools. The author says that there have been many students in the U.S. universities that have been caught cheating, but his only source is that “four Korean students at a U.S. university were kicked out of their school after copying each other’s papers.” This is a very small percent of the Korean students in U.S. universities compared to the hundreds and hundreds of students who have gone to U.S. universities. Because of this, I think that this author is just stating stereotypes about Korean students with very little sources.

Journal #14 – Visual Arguments (Part 2)

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Marlboro and the Marlboro man


This advertisement of Marlboro displays the Marlboro man as a cowboy who seems very casual and normal. The ad says “Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Country.” It implies that whoever is reading this ad smokes and like smoking. The ad itself is saying that the Marlboro cigarettes have the “flavor” or the best cigarettes. It is trying to say that smoking Marlboro or the Marlboro 100’s will make your smoking more enjoyable


The point in the Marlboro parody is to emphasis the dangers of smoking and the problems it gives to smokers. The Marlboro man was seen as a figure who was very cool and people wanted to be like him. This ad changed the views on smoking because the Marlboro man got emphysema, an irreversible lung disease. I think this ad was effective because the viewers of this ad are most likely smokers and this could warn them of the dangers if they continue smoking.

Journal #11 – Campaign Ads

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Obama Ad Campaign

This ad uses the logical fallacy of appeal to emotion by creating a sense of hope and a chance to make a difference. It uses the speech where Obama talks about how we, Americans, have to work together to make the United States a better nation.  This ad makes Barrack Obama look like the good guy by explaining all the things he has done over the past few years. He has done numerous community services, worked as state legislator, opposed the war in Iraq, worked for government as senator, and many other things. This ad also uses the fallacy of stacking the deck, which is trying to prove a point by focusing on only one side of the argument while ignoring the other. This ad only shows the good side of Obama or none of his mistakes or problem causing/iffy events.

This ad is about attacking Obama’s plan for taxing. It is saying that the taxes he plans to make will hurt many families that need the money for “life savings, electric bills, ” etc. This is an example of the fallacy of attacking the person. This campaign ad is supporting John McCain by making Obama look unfit for the presidency. This also uses the appeal to emotion because it makes the viewers feel uncomfortable by using music that is very tense and not smooth. The issues from Obama’s tax plan might make the viewers think Obama is untrustworthy and not helping to the American people.

Journal #10 – Campaign politics and rhetoric

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Parody – an imitation that makes fun of a person, event or anything.
Rhetoric – Well thought
Campaign – political competition for a position
Logic – Reasoning
Fallacy – false belief or misleading

History of personal attack ads in politics at Slate

As you watched the video clips a second time, what words or phrases are used to influence the viewer’s point of view? Try to include at least three specific examples using direct quotes you heard from the audio.

Quote #1: But there’s war and recession and bad mortgage loans.
Quote #2: Oh, it’s time for some campaigning.
Quote #3: We spend billions of dollars, to make our points clear.

Part 4:

Perhaps the language is not the only factor that influences the viewer. Did you see anything important? How about the basic situation? Was anything implied or suggested, but not directly stated?

Implied #1: The History of Attack Ads implies that you know about the previous president campaigns and know what happened in them. For example the Ford and Carter campaign that involved a scandal about Playboy. I did not know this until watching this video
Implied #2: The 2nd video implies that McCain is too old to lead because it shows him at the hospital saying “so forget my skin cancer and swollen left gland.”
Implied #3: The Time for some Campaigning video also implies that Obama’s views and policies are not possible by showing him in a fairy tale/fantasy land. Obama in the video seems very naive and not fitting for the presidency.

Part 5:

Are any fallacies present in either of the clips? List them below the titles of the two clips.

History of Attack Ads fallacies: Attacking the person, hasty generalization, straw man, stacking the deck, appeal to authority, appeal to emotion, appeal to ignorance, appeal to popular opinion.

Time for some Campaignin’ fallacies: attacking the person, appeal to emotion, straw man, hasty generalization

Part 6:

The “Time for some Campaigning” video was made to poke fun at the presidency campaign and the campaigners. The tone of the video was very humorous with a sense that it was not serious. Each character in the video was either very silly or acted stupid.  The candidates were shown as people who have serious issues. For example, the video had Obama shown as over enthusiastic and stupid because he kept saying change and change and more change. McCain was shown as a old guy who might die if elected.
I think that this video was made just to show the views of the candidacy from the opposing sides in a humorous way. People think that Obama is too liberal and that all he thinks about is change, and in this video, he is doing just that. People believe that McCain is too much of a war veteran to lead a nation and that he would not make good decisions as a president. Although McCain has been serving the U.S. for a long time, people believe that he is just too old.
This video used lots of fallacies such as hasty generalization of Obama and his belief in change is just too unrealistic. Attacking the person was used on each of the candidates (including Hilliary) and the current president, George Bush.

Journal #9 McCain vs. Obama

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Obama                  McCain 
I think I would have voted for Barrack Obama because to me, he seems like the better candidate. I think Barrack would make a good president because he seems very smart and poised when he speaks. I think his policies in comparison to John McCain’s are better.
McCain wants to continue the war while Obama wants to withdraw the U.S. forces as soon as possible. I believe that this war was unnecessary and that the U.S. should allow the middle east countries to reform their government themselves. This will help the U.S. economy because the money spent on the war would be used to help the economy get out of the recession. Less money borrowed from other nations means less debt and this would help make the U.S. dollar value rise.
McCain’s stance on the economy is the same as Bush and I do not like the way Bush has ran the government for the past few years. Although McCain plans to help all the Americans, he allows the big businesses to get more tax cuts than they need. Obama on the other hand wants to help the middle class, which is the majority of the nation.
I, personally, believe that McCain is unfit for the presidency because he is just too old to become president and is more of a war soldier/veteran.