Journal #14 – Visual Arguments

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Man’s Best Friend


Man's Best Friend


Journal #8

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Korean Ivy League Students Dropout

1. What does Kim say is the most likely explanation for the high dropout rate among Koreans?

According to the article in the Korea Times, Kim said that the explanation of the high dropout rate among Koreans in Ivy League Schools is that the parents of the students forced them to study rather than do any extracurricular activities. These activities are essential for the students because they allow the students to interact with other peers, much like the American society where one needs to be social to succeed. It is estimated that Korean students spend 75% of their time studying while only spending the remaining 25% on extracurricular activities. On the other hand, American students and students in other countries equally spend their time for studying and extracurricular activities. By studying more than being involved in extracurricular activities, the Korean students become separate from the other students and are not as social as they should be.

2. How does the dropout rate among Koreans compare to the dropout rate among other groups?

The droprate among Koreans is 44% while the American student dropout rate is 34% and the Chinese is 25%. This is significantly higher than the other dropout rates.

3. What are you currently doing to increase your own college readiness? Is there anything you think you should do before you graduate from high school to be better prepared for university?

I am preparing to take the SAT subject test and the SAT reasoning test. My brother is currently going through the college application process and it has made me aware of how difficult the process is. To further my preparation for my graduation, I think I should learn more about the requirements in the colleges and universities that I would like to apply to. After knowing more about the colleges, I would be able to concentrate on what is more important.

Journal #7

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1. The SATs are very important in my education because colleges and universities look at these scores to determine whether I qualify to go to that school. Colleges have a requirement of SAT scores and to get that score, I have to put in a lot of study and practice time into the SAT. Because of this, I go to SAT hagwons during breaks.

2. I know that the SAT scandal in Korea was because of the difference in the time zones in Korea and the U.S. The teachers who supervised the test in the U.S. copied and sent the actual test to Korea, where the test would be taken the next day because of the time differences. They had already taken the test and knew the answers. The College Board somehow found that a higher percent of people in Korea were getting better and even perfect grades on their SATs and led them to investigate the SAT scores. This led to the cancellation of all SATs in Korea.

3. I think the scandal had an impact on the Korean applicants during that year of the test because colleges were more suspicious and less trusting of Korean students. Now, 2 years later, I think college admission officials will perceive all applicants from international schools equally because a greater majority of Koreans have been accepted to the “better” colleges and universities.

4. I am most concerned about the reading and writing section of the SAT because those are the hardest part of the SAT. These 2 scores determine most of my SAT score and I usually do good on the math part.

Journal #5 – Free Response

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Melamine – China’s Tainted Milk

China has had a crisis over their milk products. Their dairy products contained a substance called Melamine. This substance can cause the development of Kidney stones and is very dangerous in large doses. Already, 52,000 Chinese children have been poisoned by melamine-tainted goods and many global countries have banned the import of all Chinese dairy products. China has also recalled their products, but there are some countries that still might have the tainted milk products.
This crisis will affect the entire global community. China is one of the biggest markets that produce and export many goods. This is because of its cheap labor and many countries depend on it. With the unreliableness of China’s products, countries now have to deal with whether they should choose cheap, but not completely safe labor, or a more expensive, but safer labor. This crisis will cause many businesses to think twice about China’s products and possibly stop buying Chinese exported goods.

Journal #4 – This I Believe

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This I Believe
The Power of ‘Hello’ by Howard White
Author Howard White

Howard White

The essay is more powerful when read by its author because the author knows when to slow down and speed up to emphasize the meaning of the essay. When this essay was read out in class, it was difficult to understand the meaning of it and it was more of a vague piece of writing. When the author read it, the essay sounded like an actual speech to a crowd of people. Because of how he paced the reading, it made the essay more towards me or the audience.





Courage Comes With Practice by Theresa MacPhail

Theresa MacPhail
Theresa MacPhail


This essay is about how Theresa grew up with fear of almost everything. She had a overprotective mother and could not do things that people normally did. For example, she could not walk home after school by herself; her mother had to take her home everyday. She became a natural worrier, but she ended up forcing herself to do things that were frightening and scary. She learned that to overcome fears, you need courage. The only way to have courage is to practice facing your fear. 




The Choice To Do It Over Again by Daniel Flanagan

Daniel Flanagan
Daniel Flanagan


This essay is about Daniel explaining how he grew up as a “loser” and did not have a good education. When he found out that he was to be a father, he realized he needed to change his lifestyle and become a better person. He started school again and learned how to read and all the other things. He ended up being a full time college student.  Because of this sudden change of his life, he believes people can do-over their mistakes if they choose to.

Journal #3

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Haiku – Mayonnaise by Marla McIntosh

Marla McIntosh
Marla McIntosh

This haiku was very interesting to me because it funny. Although it does not match an original haiku, it has similar amount of words and sums up the short event in a few sentences. The author uses descriptive verbs such as “scanning, shrugged, declared” to make the boy seem like it’s nothing special or anything. The author uses irony in that the son is correcting his mother. I find this haiku interesting because it relates with my life. My mom and dad sometimes do not hear what I tell them correctly; this usually causes confusion and we end up arguing. Also, I have had similar situations where my brother asked me to get something. Instead, I end up with something else.

My teenage son was scanning the pantry. I asked him what he was looking for. “Mayonnaise.” Hopeful that he would make his own lunch, I told him to look in the refrigerator. He shrugged and, expending as little effort as possible, walked to the fridge, opened its door and quickly declared, “It’s not here.” I knew it was there. I joined him at the refrigerator, immediately saw the mayonnaise, grabbed it, shoved it into his hands and asked, “Are you blind?” He stared at the jar. “No, are you deaf? I was looking for Band-Aids.”

Journal #2

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Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?
The New York Times


By Michiko Kakutani

Comedy is a type of entertainment that makes people laugh and have fun. It is usually something funny, stupid or even ironic. Stewart believes his primary role is being a comedian because he likes to make people laugh and have fun. The Daily Show differs from other comedy shows because although it is a comedy show, it has real news in it. The Daily Show sometimes shows things that News Corporations are not willing to show. Because it is mainly a comedy show, it is not restricted to anything. Because of this, this show or even Jon Stewart is very influencial in politics.

Craig Kilborn is another comedian with his own show, “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.” In this show, he interviews people, usually famous. In this particular one, Shia LaBeouf is the star guest. He has a major role in Transformers and Indiana Jones.